Gabriel Capella

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of São Paulo. Half master’s degree completed in the same institute with focus on embedded devices security. Employed at the Meta Release Engineering team, deploying one of the biggest monoliths of the industry.

I don’t know to write a single line of code. However, I already played with C, JavaScript (NodeJS), Java, C++, PHP (HACK), Python, C#, SQL, Dart and Ruby. As life isn’t a paradise, I unfortunately now a little bit HTML, CSS and all the crap frameworks (Angular, three.js, D3.js, Grunt, React). And, of course, I face the need of using Docker, CoreOS, Git, Jenkins, GitlabCI, Kubernetes, Prometheus, StatsD, AWS, GCP, Kafka, Docker, CoreOS, Git, Jenkins, AWS, GCP, and other tools. This is more a historical list for me than anything else (never look what a developer have touch but its capacity to learn).

Since I don’t have a LinkedIn and I’m trying to get rid of other social networks, this page is the only way you should be able to find updated information about me in the web


During bachelor, I do not have much time to develop aleatory projects as I did before it. However, I have dedicated myself to complementary studies activities.

I worked several times as an undergraduate teaching assistant in disciplines like: Introduction to Mobile Robotics Programming (MAC0318), Introduction to Computer Science (MAC0110) and Principles of Algorithm Development (MAC0122).

I participate actively in the “Hardware Livre USP” group, in which I have already developed/helped several projects. In this group, I was also responsible for several workshops and lectures. Check out the group’s website to learn more. Due to my participation in the group, I won the Participation in Activities Incentive Award (2017) by the computer science department.

I also got a scholarship from FAPESP, a leading research foundation in Brazil, to develop medical hardware for the Bright phototherapy startup.

I also take part in the organization of the annual undergraduate computer science conference (Encontro do BCC), in it VII, VIII and IX edition.

I finished my degree by writing an undergraduate thesis about remote attestation methods. That is, how to verify if a device has not had its code changed or is not compromised remotely. Link.

Other things I have done

Courses I did (or are in progress):

International Courses of the University of Salamanca - 2018 Participant of the Top Spain Program by Santander Bank - 2018 One year in geophysics degree at IAG / USP - 2014 Enriched Air Diver - PADI - December 2012 Advanced Open Water Diver - PADI - December 2011 Basic photography course - Nelson Pain - February 2011 Training course in Radio Journalism - Radio Bandeirantes and Itaú Social - September 2010

Scuba Diving

More than 300 logged dives, I have helped more than 20 students in open water courses, was the victim in several Rescue courses, taught some Discover Scuba Diving and Discovery Local Diving programs. Also undertake international expeditions to Egypt, Curacao and Bonaire, as well as several dives on the coast of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil). Also, I have the following certifications:

Volunteer Work

Share knowledge and opportunities with other people is one of most important things to do in life. One way to exercise this is through volunteer work. I have been a teacher for 2 years in the project “Janelas para o Futuro”, giving classes about the current news with with history analyses background. In last year in the project, I became the student responsible for this it. At that time, it had approximately 120 young people and more than 20 volunteer teachers.

Unfortunately, due my bills and work, I am not participating in any voluntary work. But, I’m looking for one.



I taught six times a week of IoT classes on the Mastertech. Participated in 2 Facebook Hackathons. I helped to organize a hackathon in my uni in partnership with Nubank (a unicorn fintech in Brazil).

I try to be one active person. During university I rowed for 2 year and now I have fun in the London Aquatics Centre.

I used to help my family cloth factory in Brazil. I learned a lot about companies in general and the obstacles to have a business. During COVID, I manage to release a new product and we sold 0.5M units.

I also have some projects published in my GitHub, GitLab and CapellaGit. And a small blog in the bottom of this page (don’t wast you time).

If that page is not enough, you can see my resume/cv (outdate).